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On this page you can learn in the form of frequently asked questions and answers what you can from different types of music recordings expect. We have further questions and answers, which are focused to the Hemi-Sync® in a more general way.

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Question: What's the difference between Human Plus®, Mind Food® and Metamusic®?
Answer: Human Plus® recordings teach you how to activate the benefit of a particular selection whenever you wish without listening at the particular moment when you desire the intended effect. For example, the Human Plus® Attention exercise teaches you how to move into a highly focused state when not listening to the Attention exercise. All CD titles Human Plus® contains verbal guidance in English.
Most Mind Food® titles provide the experience/benefit while you are listening. For example, the Mind Food® title, Concentration, helps your brain move into a highly focused state of concentration while listening. The majority of titles Mind Food® contains verbal guidance in English, some CDs are without spoken guidance. In the description of each CD is indicated whether it is verbal or nonverbal recording.

Relaxation music recordings Metamusic® can be used in two ways: you can simply relax, listen, and enjoy the experiences that unfold or you can play the CDs as a soothing background while carrying out another activity (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery). Metamusic® selections contain meditation or relaxation music and Hemi-Sync® with no verbal guidance.
Question: What tape/CD will enable me to have an out-of-body experience?
Answer: An OoBE cannot be guaranteed. Your ability to experience an OoBE (Out-of-Body Experience) depends on many factors unique to every individual, like personal beliefs, possible fear barriers, etc. If you are interested in an OoBE, we recommend the Gateway Experience. You may or may not experience an OoBE. However, the Gateway Experience is designed to gently lead you into profound states of expanded awareness and contribute to the development of your human potential on many levels.
Question: What if I fall asleep while listening?
Answer: That's fine. The benefits of Hemi-Sync® are achieved with or without your conscious awareness. Many Hemi-Sync® exercises help you achieve a hypnogogic state, that borderline state between deep relaxation and sleep so it's possible you may drift into sleep. If you want to familiarize yourself with the verbal content of an exercise, listen once, without headphones, while seated in a chair.
Question: I hear a hissing noise on some tapes. Is that a defect ? Should I use the Dolby® function on my stereo?
Answer: No to both questions. What you are hearing is "pink noise" (sometimes described as a swishing sound). It is a combination of all the frequencies the human ear can perceive, with higher and lower frequencies adjusted to be equal in volume. Pink noise enhances the perception of the Hemi-Sync® sound patterns, and therefore plays a valuable role on certain Hemi-Sync® products. Dolby® nosie reduction attempts to filter out the pink noise. Therefore, it is important not to use Dolby®, or other noise reduction systems, when listening to Hemi-Sync® audio products on tape.
Question: Am I supposed to "see" things when I listen to Hemi-Sync®?
Answer: "Supposed to" really doesn't apply. There are many ways of perceiving; visualizing is only one of them. Many people experience a physical response to Hemi-Sync® and become aware of different body sensations; other people have sensations of hearing or tasting, or simply "knowing." Enjoy your experience, whatever it is.
Question: How do I know if I'm getting the intended effect?
Answer: Everyone is unique. Your Hemi-Sync® experience may differ from the experience of others. In fact, your experience may be different each time you listen to a particular exercise. Just relax and trust that your experience is right for you at the time.
Question: Is Hemi-Sync® beneficial for experienced meditators?
Answer: Yes. Many long-term meditators report that Hemi-Sync® helps them move more quickly and reliably into a meditative state. Experienced meditators also report that they seem to "go deeper," and sustain the meditative state longer when using Hemi-Sync.
Question: What if I don't feel awake and alert after listening to Hemi-Sync®?
Answer: Certain Hemi-Sync® products are designed to leave you in a sleep state. However, if a non-sleep recording leaves you feeling a little "spacey", here are some grounding techniques to try: slowly count down from 10 to 1; drink cold water; splash cool water on your face and neck; run cold water on your wrists; weather permitting, walk barefoot outdoors while you breathe deeply.
Question: How many times should I listen to an exercise to get the effect or benefit?
Answer: Generally, you will feel the influence of Hemi-Sync® the first time you listen. However, some products are designed as a training series. These products typically work best when you listen multiple times to reinforce and anchor the intended benefit. All Human Plus selections and the Gateway Experience series fall into this category. Specific listening instructions are included with your purchase of these items.

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