Gateway Workshops

The Hemi-Sync® Gateway Workshop is designed to help you overcome the inborn fear of the unknown and of the changed states of consciousness. It provides tools for self-understanding and developing, exploring and expanding of your consciousness. By mastering of the initial exercises, the "Gate" to non-physical systems of energy and to other dimensions of reality will open to the participants.

Robert Monroe, author of Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey, designed the program Gateway as the result of a part of the research in the out-of-the-body experience done in the Monroe Institute. In the period of the long-time research, the researchers in Monroe Institute developed a technology Hemi-sync® that helps achieve the out-of-the-body experience effectively.

This page is only informative, to let you know that the Gateway workshops dealing with changed states of consciousness and out-of-the-body experiences, take place in many countries all over the world. We do not organize any seminars, but you can try to find a seminar appropriate to you on the website of the Monroe Institute.