Pal Student 4 CDs

Pal Student 4 CDs

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  • Kind of product: Hemi-Sync® CD Series
  • Cat. number: MF008CN
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Product description:

This series was developed to help you improve your potential for learning. It incorporates selections with specially blended Hemi-Sync® frequencies to guide you into focused, whole-brain states of consciousness. The Hemi-Sync® sound patterns on these recordings help you achieve and sustain synchronize brain-wave activity in both hemispheres of the brain - an optimal condition for improving human performance. Focused attention, a prerequisite to effective learning is greatly facilitated by the Hemi-Sync® process.

This package contains:
Concentration and Remembrance - enhance your ability to focus attention for peak performance and creative flow.
Retain-Recall-Release - learn cues to retain, recall, or release information from memory.
Catnapper - the ultimate pick-me-up; get a refreshing nap in only 30 minutes.

Parameters of goods

Product category:The target CD series with the Hemi-Sync® technology, designed for learning and concentration.
Complete name:Pal Student 4 CD (Progressive Accelerated Learning)
Verbal guidance:English verbal guidance - Retain-Recall-Release, Catnapper. Nonverbal - Concentration, Remembrance.
Utilization:Progressive accelerated learning, memory, better concentration.
Package contents:4 CDs package

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