Opening the Heart 4 CDs

Opening the Heart 4 CDs

  • Producer: Monroe Products
  • Kind of product: Hemi-Sync® CD Series
  • Cat. number: HL003C
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Product description:

Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul-fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love. Based on Heartline, a Monroe Institute residential program, this inspired experiential course helps enable you to deepen your emotional connections and open yourself to love.

Exercise titles are: Centered Calm, Remembering Love, Love's Power to Heal and Opening to Love. Guidance manual in English included.

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Parameters of goods

Product category:The target CD series with the Hemi-Sync® technology, designed for opening to love.
Complete name:Opening the Heart 4 CD
Verbal guidance:English verbal guidance
Utilization:Opening the heart to love, personal growth, spiritual development, expanded consciousness, changing behavior patterns.
Package contents:4 CDs Package + Guidance manual

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