Massage Therapy Collection 4 CD

Massage Therapy Collection 4 CD

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  • Kind of product: Hemi-Sync® CD Series
  • Cat. number: MA052CN
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Product description:

Relax body, mind, and spirit with the music and Hemi-Sync® selections of the Massage Therapy Collection. Ideal for massage therapy, bodywork and energy healing. Help manage stress and balance subtle energy systems with this assortment of Metamusic® CDs that promote deep relaxation and exquisite states of inner tranquility.
4 Metamusic® CDs:
Dreamseed - Gain harmonic attunement with the low vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo.
Gaia - Flute and guitar sounds blend exquisitely with the soothing sounds of water.
Himalayan Soul - Enjoy a deep sense of well-being with enchanting flute music.
Inner Journey - Ehereal sounds provide a deeply relaxing melodic flow to relieve stress.

Parameters of goods

Product category:The target CD series with the Hemi-Sync® technology, designed for massage and body work.
Complete name:Massage Therapy Collection 4 CD
Verbal guidance:Nonverbal CD Series. All 4 CDs are musical and non-verbal.
Utilization:Massage and bodywork, massage therapy, working with healing energy, relaxation, coping with stress.
Package contents:4 CDs package

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