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Shamanic music

Music of shamans, great shamanic healing CD. Shamanic music for spiritual growth.

Between Worlds CD

Between Worlds CD - show product detail

An extraordinary sojourn into a dreamlike shamanic landscape. The captivating shamanic music of Don Peyote and Naasko…

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Deep Time Dreaming CD

Deep Time Dreaming CD - show product detail

Explore unknown spiritual realms with the ancient shamanic soundworlds of Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig and Hemi-Sync®. A…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Dimensions in Time CD

Dimensions in Time CD - show product detail

Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo subtly blend modern ambient textures and soundscapes with ancient and traditional voices…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Dreamcatcher CD

Dreamcatcher CD - show product detail

Dreams are gateways to the soul. Drift gently into the mystical dreamstate with soothing ambient music, calming water…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Egyptian Sun CD

Egyptian Sun CD - show product detail

Feel your consciousness expand as your imagination takes flight with this combination of Middle Eastern inspired music…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Flow with Hemi-Sync CD

Flow with Hemi-Sync CD - show product detail

Ride the current to a profound state of relaxation and exploration with the expertly crafted and dramatic ambient…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Mayan Winds CD

Mayan Winds CD - show product detail

Authentic tribal rhythms, exotic jungle sounds and ethereal soundscapes by ThunderBeat invoke the atmosphere of ancient…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Medicine Work CD

Medicine Work CD - show product detail

A powerful shamanic musical journey to deep inner worlds with Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas.

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Shamans Heart Program 4 CD

Shamans Heart Program 4 CD - show product detail

Learn to live from a heart-centered and soul-based perspective with this unique and powerful combination of shamanic…

Price: 47,58 $ Download Detail

Spirit Gathering CD

Spirit Gathering CD - show product detail

Cross boundaries of time and space with the primordial shamanic percussion of Byron Metcalf and Hemi-Sync®. Originally…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

The Dreaming Gate CD

The Dreaming Gate CD - show product detail

Enter a shamanic "dreamtime" with the entrancing didgeridoo music of Inlakesh and Hemi-Sync®. Inspired by tribal…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

The Shamans Heart CD

The Shamans Heart CD - show product detail

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system that helps one remain "heart centered" in the face of adversity - a hallmark…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

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New relaxation CD

Path to Peace CD

Path to Peace CD - show product detail

Find your way to peaceful tranquility with this beautiful musical narrative.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Quest of the Mystic CD

Quest of the Mystic CD - show product detail

Transport to a mystical place of exploration. A musical journey of self-transformation.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Into the Light 2 CD

Into the Light 2 CD - show product detail

This program features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Created…

Price: 19,83 $ Download

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