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Mind exercises CD Mind Food®, benefit while listening

Utilization of synchronized brain waves

Inner Healer CD

Inner Healer CD - show product detail

Release emotions that limit you from a more positive life experience. Actualize your wholeness and fully align yourself…

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Journey Through the T-Cells CD

Journey Through the T-Cells CD - show product detail

Reinforce your mind-body connection with this verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise. The whole-brain states made possible…

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Joy Jumper CD

Joy Jumper CD - show product detail

Children who have difficulty falling asleep at night will be thrilled to hear this delightful bedtime story about Kathy…

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Manifesting CD

Manifesting CD - show product detail

Conscious manifestation is not as simple as thinking about whatever you want and it will come true. The manifestation…

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Moment of Revelation CD

Moment of Revelation CD - show product detail

Move beyond space, time and daily concerns as you ascend the spiral staircase to a wondrous place of peace and serenity…

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Morning Exercise CD

Morning Exercise CD - show product detail

Pursue life to the fullest. Begin your day with Morning Exercise and plan a productive and highly successful outcome…

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Pain Management CD

Pain Management CD - show product detail

Listening to Pain Management can help you reduce pain signals until they no longer seem significant. You will also…

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Radiation Companion CD

Radiation Companion CD - show product detail

Support a positive outcome for your radiation treatment. Verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync® transport you to a profound…

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Resonant Tuning CD

Resonant Tuning CD - show product detail

Resonant Tuning combines a vocal/breathing exercise and Hemi-Sync® to reduce your internal dialogue. This time-proven…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Retain-Recall-Release CD

Retain-Recall-Release CD - show product detail

Learn an easy method to improve your mental capabilities with this Hemi-Sync® exercise. The more you practice the…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Robbie the Rabbit CD

Robbie the Rabbit CD - show product detail

Children will delight in the fanciful tale of Robbie The Rabbit. This comforting and soothing journey into Robbie's…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Sacred Space CD

Sacred Space CD - show product detail

Experience the transcendent peace of sacred space with this powerful meditation by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

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New relaxation CD

Path to Peace CD

Path to Peace CD - show product detail

Find your way to peaceful tranquility with this beautiful musical narrative.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Quest of the Mystic CD

Quest of the Mystic CD - show product detail

Transport to a mystical place of exploration. A musical journey of self-transformation.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Into the Light 2 CD

Into the Light 2 CD - show product detail

This program features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Created…

Price: 19,83 $ Download

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