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Meditation music CDs

Deeper meditation, CDs containing binaural beats for deep meditation, encourage altered states of consciousness. Meditation music without verbal guidance is on the CDs in section Metamusic®. Scientifically based and clinically proven audio technology Hemi-Sync®, that uses binaural beats to a better mind-body connection, which can achieve deeper meditation.

Long-term meditator said: "When I listen to meditation music CDs Metamusic, not only to achieve a meditative state much faster, but I feel as if my meditation was much deeper. Without Hemi-Sync usually takes me about seven minutes to get into the meditative state, with Hemi-Sync, it takes about two minutes to get into much deeper meditation than usual."

Dreamcatcher CD

Dreamcatcher CD - show product detail

Dreams are gateways to the soul. Drift gently into the mystical dreamstate with soothing ambient music, calming water…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Dreamers Journey CD

Dreamers Journey CD - show product detail

Enjoy profound relaxation and inner peace as you journey through time. Enchanting melodies blend with subtle sound…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Dreamland CD

Dreamland CD - show product detail

Centered…balanced…serene. These are just a few of the states you may experience as the elegant and mesmerizing…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Dreamseed CD

Dreamseed CD - show product detail

Access spiritual realms and gain harmonic attunement with the didgeridoo music of Amoraea Dreamseed and Hemi-Sync®.…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Egyptian Sun CD

Egyptian Sun CD - show product detail

Feel your consciousness expand as your imagination takes flight with this combination of Middle Eastern inspired music…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Emergence CD

Emergence CD - show product detail

Bring forth fresh ideas and insights while expanding your awareness with Alan Tower's unique sound of the solo Hang and…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Enchanted Forest CD

Enchanted Forest CD - show product detail

Gentle and soothing ambient music with sounds of nature is ideal for meditation, relaxation/stress reduction, massage…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Eternal Now CD

Eternal Now CD - show product detail

All that Is exists in the present moment, and this moment is all that exists. Don Peyote's profound ambient music,…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Eternity Within CD

Eternity Within CD - show product detail

Rendezvous with your eternal Higher Self with Frank Danna's heartfelt composition and Hemi-Sync®. The ethereal music of…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Exploring Other Lives CD

Exploring Other Lives CD - show product detail

Knowledge of other lifetimes can bring clarity and insight to your present life, helping to remove blocks, discover…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Exploring Our Future CD

Exploring Our Future CD - show product detail

Travel to the future to see how the world has changed geophysically, socially, economically, and technologically. Lee…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Flow with Hemi-Sync CD

Flow with Hemi-Sync CD - show product detail

Ride the current to a profound state of relaxation and exploration with the expertly crafted and dramatic ambient…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

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New relaxation CD

Path to Peace CD

Path to Peace CD - show product detail

Find your way to peaceful tranquility with this beautiful musical narrative.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Quest of the Mystic CD

Quest of the Mystic CD - show product detail

Transport to a mystical place of exploration. A musical journey of self-transformation.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Into the Light 2 CD

Into the Light 2 CD - show product detail

This program features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Created…

Price: 19,83 $ Download

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