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Fairy tales for children

CD with a fairy tale for children goodnight, containing the brain waves, which helps children with insomnia and better asleep. Fairy tales for children are in English!

Another CD suitable for children selected from sections Learning, Memory, Concentration, ADHD, Sleep and dreams are in the parent category CDs for kids.

A Unicorn Named Georgia CD

A Unicorn Named Georgia CD - show product detail

Long ago and far away, in the land where magic and fairy tales begin, lived a very special unicorn named Georgia. As…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Angels, Fairies and Wizards CD

Angels, Fairies and Wizards CD - show product detail

A magical healing for children. In this enchanting story for young children, the Guardian Angel introduces the Fairy…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Joy Jumper CD

Joy Jumper CD - show product detail

Children who have difficulty falling asleep at night will be thrilled to hear this delightful bedtime story about Kathy…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Robbie the Rabbit CD

Robbie the Rabbit CD - show product detail

Children will delight in the fanciful tale of Robbie The Rabbit. This comforting and soothing journey into Robbie's…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Sleepy Locust CD

Sleepy Locust CD - show product detail

Big Freddy liked corn more than anything which is good because in Freddyville, everyone ate corn everyday - corn for…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Turtle Island CD

Turtle Island CD - show product detail

An American Indian "Creation" story for bedtime with Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies. This delightful tale is…

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

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Transport to a mystical place of exploration. A musical journey of self-transformation.

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Into the Light 2 CD

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