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Expanded & Altered states of consciousness

Relaxation and meditation music, CD for altered state of consciousness, containing sound waves to synchronize brain hemispheres, which brings expanded perception and altered states of consciousness. Scientifically based and clinically proven audio technology Hemi-Sync®, that uses binaural beats to a better mind-body connection, will help achieve expanded states of consciousness and altered perception. Many therapists, doctors, educators and other professionals use Hemi-Sync® extensively.

Bridge to Paradise CD

Bridge to Paradise CD - show product detail

Explore an otherworldly paradise in this guided Hemi-Sync® heart-meditation voiced by Mark Macy. A miracle came to our…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Chakra Journey DVD

Chakra Journey DVD - show product detail

Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with this visual meditation combined with the…

Price: 20,00 EUR To cart Detail

Chakra Meditation CD

Chakra Meditation CD - show product detail

Dolphin sounds and music combine to help align and balance each of the seven major chakras in this verbally guided Hemi…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Communicating with Animals CD

Communicating with Animals CD - show product detail

Learn to communicate with your animal friends in this guided Hemi-Sync® exercise. Patty Summers, author of Talking With…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Connecting With Your Inner Guides CD

Connecting With Your Inner Guides CD - show product detail

Create a reunion and lasting communication with your personal inner guides. Lee Stone uses guided imagery along with…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Contemplation CD

Contemplation CD - show product detail

Access ideas, creativity, intuition and understanding from your total self. Expand your awareness to include all levels…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Cosmic Traveler CD

Cosmic Traveler CD - show product detail

Embark on a deep journey through the cosmos with the rich atmospheric music of Max Corbacho and Hemi-Sync®. Drift into…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Creative Way 4 CD

Creative Way 4 CD - show product detail

Reawaken your talents and creative abilities as you gain self awareness and expand your mind to live a more enriched,…

Price: 48,00 EUR To cart Detail

Exploring Other Lives CD

Exploring Other Lives CD - show product detail

Knowledge of other lifetimes can bring clarity and insight to your present life, helping to remove blocks, discover…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Exploring Our Future CD

Exploring Our Future CD - show product detail

Travel to the future to see how the world has changed geophysically, socially, economically, and technologically. Lee…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

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