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Attention disorders, ADD

Relaxation and meditation music CD for training of the mind, including alternative therapies for attention deficit disorder ADHD and ADD. Scientifically based and clinically proven audio technology Hemi-Sync®, that uses binaural beats to a better mind-body connection, alternative way to solve attention disorders. Many therapists, doctors, educators and other professionals use Hemi-Sync® extensively.

ADD = attention deficit disorder.
ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD: Talking to Your Child’s or Teen’s Teachers
This printable guide offers suggestions on how to approach educators about your child’s ADHD.

Creating a Comfortable Home Environment for Children with ADHD
This guide has a wealth of information on how to support your child at home by fostering a calm, soothing environment.

Managing Adult ADHD
If you suspect you have ADHD, this resource provides excellent information on factors your doctor considers in diagnosing you, as well as some of your treatment options.

How to Succeed in the Workplace with ADHD
This guide not only outlines your legal rights at work, but also provides tips for accomplishing your career goals despite your ADHD.

ADHD Helpful Activities
For adults and children alike, there are an array of activities to try that can help ease ADHD symptoms.

Baroque Garden CD

Baroque Garden CD - show product detail

Enjoy Baroque Classics performed by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble - combined with Hemi-Sync® concentration…

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Concentration CD

Concentration CD - show product detail

Perfect for any mental task requiring focus and concentration - use at home, work or school while studying, reading,…

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Einsteins Dream CD

Einsteins Dream CD - show product detail

Music that induces relaxation while heightening mental abilities produces what is commonly known as the "Mozart Effect"…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Illumination For Peak-Performance CD

Illumination For Peak-Performance CD - show product detail

Creative flow and enhanced productivity seem effortless with J.S. Epperson's "designer" electronic music and Hemi-Sync®…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Indigo For Quantum Focus CD

Indigo For Quantum Focus CD - show product detail

Develop mental states of peak performance. Features the electronic music of J.S. Epperson and designer mixes of Hemi…

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Lightfall CD

Lightfall CD - show product detail

Also Sprach Zarathustra is frequently associated with the intellectual and technological achievements of humankind such…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Remembrance CD

Remembrance CD - show product detail

Focus - with powerful Hemi-Sync® and music designed for quantum learning, peak performance and creative flow.…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Seasons at Roberts Mountain CD

Seasons at Roberts Mountain CD - show product detail

This 'classical-crossover' piece, a contemporary presentation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons performed by Scott Bucklin, is…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Soft and Still CD

Soft and Still CD - show product detail

Enjoy the power and solitude of the sea with sounds of ocean surf, subtle music, and Hemi-Sync®. Drift gently into…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

Surf CD

Surf CD - show product detail

Relax - let your tensions ebb away with the soothing sounds of ocean surf and Hemi-Sync®. Surf uses the gentle rhythms…

Price: 18,00 EUR To cart Detail

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