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CD shop transformed into Digital Downloads

Time is changing as well as customer requirements. We announce that Sale of tangible CDs has ended and now we sell and refer to digital recordings for meditation, shamanism, outside body states, astral journeys and relaxation in MP3 format, of course all of the downloads have Hemi-sync® signals.
Now you have the opportunity to legally buy Hemi-Sync® digital downloads in MP3 format directly from the producer at the lowest price.

CD Downloads of meditative and relax music

We are CD Downloads shop for mind exercises and spiritual development. You can buy relaxation music and meditation CD, particularly special recordings with shamanic music, topical exercises for spiritual growth of personality, mind exercises and out of body experiences series Gateway Experience® with audio technology Hemi-Sync®.

If you are looking for CDs or exercises for the development of the spirit and mind and you are interested in:

  • unusual music for relaxation or special meditative music,
  • alternative methods of stress management, sleep improvement, health promotion,
  • exercises for personal growth, self esteem improvement, music for learning and concentration,
  • you are interested in altered state of consciousness and out of body experience,
  • you would like to know a mind exercise method to achieve outside body states,
  • you would like to practice astral travel or near-death experiences

then this Hemi-Sync® download shop with relaxing music is intended for you. Please continue reading the important information below the sample CDs.

Awakening Consciousness CD

Awakening Consciousness CD - show product detail

Awaken your consciousness with this inspiring musical meditation.

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Destination: Higher Self CD

Destination: Higher Self CD - show product detail

Learn to become spiritually self-empowered and prepare for an enlightened transition.

Price: 19,83 $ Download Detail

Journeys Out of the Body 6 CD

Journeys Out of the Body 6 CD - show product detail

The out-of-body-experience (OBE) is a state in which one's consciousness appears to depart the physical body allowing perception by means other than those of the physical senses. Hemi-Sync® Support…

Price: 78,71 $ Download Detail

Medicine Work CD

Medicine Work CD - show product detail

A powerful shamanic musical journey to deep inner worlds with Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas.

Price: 15,86 $ Download Detail

Download CDs for meditation, spiritual growth & relaxation

In addition to being normally used as a relaxation tool and music meditation, these recordings have a positive influence on health and spiritual growth. For seekers on the spiritual journey, there is an opportunity to enter expanded states of awareness, and special recordings enable practising the stage of mind for out of the body journey and the spiritual experience of leaving the physical body, astral travel and near-death experiences.

How does relaxation with HemiSync® CDs differ from standard recordings? Why is extraordinary?

The recordings contain audio technology Hemi-Sync®. It is a complex of signals, which you do not perceive when listening, but your brain perceives these signals and behaves according to them. As a result, the whole brain tunes in to the state, which is known as hemispheric synchronisation. In that state, the left and right hemisphere of the brain work together in a synchronous state and produce the focused coherent mind, which is an optimum state for the improvement of human behaviour.

The focused mind can be used for positive changes in the human thinking and behaviour. This can be used for many purposes, such as the solution for attention deficit disorder, stress management, sleep improvement and deepening, increased concentration when learning, encouragement of creative abilities, changing behaviour patterns, deep relaxation, deepening meditation and reaching altered or expanded state of mind or consciousness, when the perception gets to another reality. Special recordings with Hemi-Sync® then lead to the practising of states that enable to leave the physical body and thus to reach outside the body experience or astral travel. In English, this state is abbreviated to OBE, sometimes OoBE.

The patented method of Hemi-Sync® was founded by Robert Monroe, the author of books Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. This audio technology has been recognised worldwide, scientifically proved and improved over more than fifty years of research and development.

When you managed to find our shop, you are probably interested in these topics; now you have an opportunity to buy and download these extraordinary music, experience altered stage of awareness, or try to reach an astral out the body journey by means of the HemiSync® technology.

CDs with Hemi-Sync® are divided into several categories:

  • Metamusic® - CD relaxation, CD meditation, expanded states of consciousness, all CDs contain music and are not guided verbally
  • Human Plus® - alternative problem-solving methods and health promotion, spiritual growth, topical titles with verbal guidance in English
  • Mind Food® - spiritual growth, problem-solving, change of behaviour, topical titles for personality development mostly with verbal guidance in English, some CDs without spoken guidance
  • Gateway Experience® - focused on methods to practice the leaving of the body, altered states of awareness, out the body experience, verbal guidance in English

We wish you success on the Way

We wish you many wonderful experiences in listening to music for meditation, relaxation and topical recordings for out of body journey, expanded state of awareness and astral travel with the HemiSync® technology will help you make your life better in many areas and will support your spiritual growth significantly.

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New relaxation CD

Path to Peace CD

Path to Peace CD - show product detail

Find your way to peaceful tranquility with this beautiful musical narrative.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Quest of the Mystic CD

Quest of the Mystic CD - show product detail

Transport to a mystical place of exploration. A musical journey of self-transformation.

Price: 15,86 $ Download

Into the Light 2 CD

Into the Light 2 CD - show product detail

This program features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Created…

Price: 19,83 $ Download

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